Nathan Crutchfield and I were the recipients of the Georgia Department of Labor Earl Everett Distinguished Service Award last week at our yearly Georgia Safety Conference.

This was a true honor for both of us to be recognized by our peers at the conference.  This award was presented by the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Labor,  Mark Butler.

The award stated the following:  “ In recognition and appreciation of outstanding leadership an success in building partnerships to achiever excellence in Georgia’s Workforce”

DOL awardDOL award 1DOL award 2

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Good Reading and Happy 4th of July.

This is a great day in history











Happy 4th to every and in particulars our Veterans who serve our country. 


I spend my years in the Air Force back in the 60’s and have some great memories!

In my opinion, as safety professionals, in many cases we are storytellers.   We help employees, by telling stories, with hope that they will remember why they should report hazards and/or help reduce injuries.  On the other side, when we are talking to our leadership team we are usually telling a story about how an injury occurred and the corrective actions that will be implemented to resolve the issue.

With that news_crew_1600_wht_5861said, I would like to introduce a FREE online class entitled "The Future Of Storytelling" to my email group.  I am taking this class to understand the history of storytelling.  This is a very good class and I would encourage everyone to at least listen to the 1st class to gauge your interest.


What intrigued me about this class is a statement on their website “Are you interested in the mechanics of current fiction formats? Do you want to know how stories are told? Do you want to analyze, understand, contextualize and create stories and narratives?”   To check this class out or enroll in the class click here.

As always I would be interested in your input.

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